Best Spanish Podcasts: 40+ Free Podcasts for Learning Spanish

After English, Spanish is the most popular foreign language people are learning online.

In this post I've compiled a list of 39 of the best, most active, and comprehensive learn spanish podcasts out there today.

Selection Criteria

There are hundreds of Spanish Learning Podcasts out there, so I picked the following list with quality in mind according to these guidelines:

  • Reviews: Are the iTunes reviews above average?
  • Active: Are new episodes being published?
  • Library: Is there a significant backlog of content to listen to?
  • Professionalism: Does the podcast have a website or other platform with their brand and supporting materials?
All The Podcasts in This List show
spanish podcast list
spanish podcast list

Beginner Spanish Podcasts

(In no particular order)

1. Coffee Break Spanish

Number of Episodes: 200+

best spanish podcasts

2. News in Slow Spanish (Beginner)

Number of Episodes: 565+

Produced by the language learning company Linguistica 360 these episodes feature the news in simple and slow Spanish, so any beginner Spanish learner can follow along.

Immerse yourself in an authentic environment and learn Spanish by listening to News in Slow Spanish.

Suitable for: Beginners who wants to stay updated.

3. SpanishPod101

Number of Episodes: 750+

The Pod101/Class101 series produced by Innovative Languages featuers a ton of content from beginner to advanced Spanish.

The free podcast (and YouTube channel) has a ton of content, but if you want full access you'll need to subscribe to their premium service.

Great little fun dialogues with a teacher and a student (typically someone who is quite good at Spanish.)

Suitable for: all levels of Spanish learners who wants to get access to a large library of lessons.

4. Eat Your Spanish: A Spanish Learning Podcast for Kids and Families

Number of Episodes: 25+

I really like the idea of this podcast, that invites the whole family to be part of the Spanish learning. Hosted by Evan and Vanessa, this podcast is fun for the whole family!

And with over 150 positive ratings, it seems like everyone else is loving it too.

Suitable for: Learning Spanish from scratch with your kids

5. Spanish Lessons with Pablo

Number of Episodes: 85+

Learn beginner Spanish with native Castillian Spanish speaker Pablo. He breaks down key concepts in English, and then repeats them in Spanish so you can learn quickly.

He also has a number of episodes on cognates, which are words you can easily learn as an English native speaker.

Suitable for: Beginners who wants to learn from a native Castillian Spanish speaker.

6. Conversations in Spanish & Other Languages

Number of Episodes: 65+

This is a great Spanish podcast for being a fly on the wall in a typical Spanish conversation. It's not for complete beginners, but the speed and vocabulary is slightly simplified so most upper beginners and beyond will get a lot out of it.

learn spanish podcast

7. Learn Spanish Con Salsa

Number of Episodes: 65+

Tamara Marie LOVES Latin Spanish music, and has developed a method to use her passion as a tool for learning and teaching the language.

Bonus fact: Tamara was a guest on my own podcast!

Suitable for: Beginner to Intermediate learners who want to use music to learn Spanish with.

8. Aprueba el DELE

Number of Episodes: 5+

Sergio Delgado used to publish a bite-size podcast called “Learn Spanish Beginner” (you can still listen to the 65+ episodes there!)

Now he's started a new podcast, which helps anyone prepare for and improve their results in the DELE exam (The Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera)

Suitable for: Anyone above the beginner level who wants to do better in the DELE exam.

9. Accelerated Spanish: Learn Spanish online the fastest and best way

Number of Episodes: 340+

Master of Memory Timothy Moser teaches you Spanish in the fastest possible way by using timeless memory techniques, like memory palaces, mnemonics and other tips and tricks up his sleeve.

Note: A lot of this podcast is explained in English, unlike many of the other podcasts in this list. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but if you want a purely immersive podcast this is not it.

Suitable for: Beginners who want to learn Spanish fast using clever memory techniques

10. Podcast en Spanish (PES) – Learn Spanish as a Second Language

Number of Episodes: 150+

This podcast, rated 4.6 with over 65 iTunes reviews is entirely in Spanish and features content suitable for upper beginners all the way through the advanced levels.

Each episode is clearly labelled (Upper Beginner, Intermedio, and Avanzado), and you can find over 150 episodes to enjoy.

Suitable for: Learners of all levels who wants an immersive-style podcast with good variety.

11. The Language Tutor Spanish with Dr. Danny Evans

Number of Episodes: 65+

Dr. Danny Evans is the Language Tutor, and in this podcast he teaches beginner Spanish.

12. AP Spanish Literature

Number of Episodes: 35+

This literary podcast hosted by Carina Padilla, is entirely in Spanish and helps students understand the complex texts that are required readings of the AP Spanish Literature Course from the College Boards.

Suitable for: Upper Beginner+ Students in AP Spanish Literature, or fans of Spanish Literature.

13. Latin ELE Speaking Spanish for Beginners

Number of Episodes: 14+

LatinELE also host an intermediate podcast, which you can see below.

This is a relatively new podcast, with just over a dozen episodes but it has received tremendous feedback already.

18 ratings and a perfect 5.0 score on iTunes.

Suitable for: Beginners who wants to learn Latin American Spanish.

14. Talking in Spanish

Number of Episodes: 70+

This podcast features mini-episodes of a few minutes long, so theres' no excuse to not listen to at least one episode daily.

Each episode explains one or a few related concepts that you can immediately use in your Spanish.

The lessons uses English to help teach the concepts, so it's beginner friendly.

Suitable for: Beginners who want a quick and easy Spanish learning fix.

15. Spanish Made Simple: Your Daily Dose of Español

Number of Episodes: 74+

This bite-sized podcast features a new episode every day, so it's a great one to have in your subscriptions.

Mark Barnes, the teacher provides the word of the day, the verb of the day with its conjugations in the present tense, and the phrase(s) of the day.

Suitable for: Beginner learners who wants a daily short podcast to listen to.