LanguagePod101 Black Friday 2023: Huge Lifetime Deals

Black Friday 2023 features a huge sale on LanguagePod101 / LanguageClass101 premium audio courses. Check the post for more information on how you can make huge savings.

LanguagePod101 Deals for Black Friday 2023

Innovative languages are offering different deals this year. Here's an overview.

Lifetime Access to 1, 3 or 34! languages

This is perhaps the most insane deal this Black Friday. For one single payment you'll get LIFETIME access to ALL 34 languages offered by Innovative Languages

The general subscription starts at $25 per month per language, so the deal is an absolute bargain.

Especially for the aspiring polyglots out there.

(Not quite so adventurous? You can get lifetime access to 1 or 3 languages as well at a lower price.)

Innovative Languages: LanguagePod101 & LanguageClass101 Lifetime Deal Links

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