Review: Antosch and Lin flashcard service – First look

As I take great pride in exploring the tools and services out there for language learners, I did not hesitate when Oliver Antosch of Antosch & Lin approached me to review their flashcard service. Note that this is part 1 of my review, the first look. I will write another post when I have used the service for a month to evaluate it.

Disclaimer: I was given a free premium membership in order to test out this service. My views are objective and impartial however.

Under their company name they run a lot of sites, that I will give a link to at the end of the post. Technically this is a review but they also have sites for Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Thai with identical constructions and functions.

The above is quite an impressive portfolio of languages. What is great about this concept is that a membership gets you access to ALL of the above. Great for those who enjoy to learn multiple languages at once. The primary service (flashcard service) is free, with the option to upgrade to a premium account. I will get back to what you get as a premium subscriber in just a minute but for now allow me to introduce just exactly what the Antosch and Lin flashcard service is.

Antosch and Lin – Flashcards on steroids

As a follower of Memrise and well aware of Anki, I was curious as to what Antosch & Lin could offer beyond that which the previously mentioned services offer. To me you should only design your own product or service if you feel like you can offer something better than current options. You shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel if your reinvention offers no improvements. Antosch & Lin though, went above and beyond and designed a framework which they then duplicated for additional languages.

They have flashcards for individual words and they work just as you would expect them to, like we know from Anki or Memrise. Just like any other similar service you get a word with example sentences and then you can choose when you want the word to reappear. If you are really confident about the word you can ask it to NEVER return. Generally though I would just rate my knowledge of a word between return soon and come back in a week. Although you can tell by this screenshot that you have plenty of possible variations.

Antosch & Lin Flashcards