Mandarin Blueprint Coupon Code and Free Trial

Updated: October 2021

Mandarin Blueprint Discount and Coupon Code

Mandarin Blueprint occasionally offer discounts and sales (be sure to join the newsletter to be notified!), but in the meantime you can check out the following Actual Fluency exclusive offers:

All you have to do to get the deals is to click the link below.

Exclusive Offers for Actual Fluency Readers

A) Get $10 off the monthly Mandarin Blueprint subscription (3 months total)

Use coupon code: ACTUALF_10

B) Get $100 off the yearly Mandarin Blueprint subscription (3 months total)

Use coupon code: ACTUALF_100

Plus, this is completely risk-free as Mandarin Blueprint offer a 14-day trial If you don't like the materials for any reason, simply send them a message and they'll give you a refund.

This is on top of their usual lifetime guarantee, where you can get a refund at any time as long as you have used the materials*

Mandarin Blueprint: One of the best Mandarin Chinese courses online!

Mandarin Blueprint includes a ton of high-quality content for anyone to learn Mandarin Chinese with. They're also an established authority, having been in business for more than 10 years.

By signing up you get access to over 9000 lessons, as well as $1200+ in bonus content!

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* Mandarin Blueprint has a lifetime 100% refund guarantee. As long as you have completed at least one lesson per day, and completed the flashcards for those lessons you are eligible for a refund at ANY TIME – no matter how long you've been subscribed.