Monthly, Unlimited French Classes (1-on-1) with LingoCulture

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2022)

What if you could get all the personal, 1-on-1 French lessons you could manage with a single, low, monthly subscription?

This is exactly what LingoCulture provides, and at a highly competitive price too!

What is LingoCulture?

  • French Tutoring Lessons for a fixed monthly cost ($149)
  • Truly unlimited: No cap or limits to how many lessons you can book.
  • Book lessons any time between 2am and 9pm Eastern Time.
  • Focus on natural, conversational French
  • Mainland (France) accents
  • Effortlessly run over zoom, teachers will “call you” at the time of the lesson.
  • Partly run by a team with over 6 years of experience with their Spanish-learning sister-company, Baselang
LingoCulture's booking interface.

Here's what you get

For signing up to LingoCulture today:

  • First week for $1 USD to try out the service
  • $10 USD off your first month payment (coupon code: actualfluency)
  • 33% off the normal monthly cost as long as your account is active ($99 USD instead of $149 USD)
  • 35-day satisfaction guarantee (+$20 USD extra for “wasting your time”)

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Kris Broholm

Kris is the founder of Actual Fluency, and has spent the last 8 years becoming an expert in language learning software, methods, and techniques.

Originally from Denmark, he now lives in Portugal and speaks 5+ languages at varying levels. His other interests are Wine, Online Marketing, and Travelling.