LanguagePod101: Premium Podcasts for Language Learners

LanguagePod101 and LanguageClass101 is a service of audio podcasts from Innovative Languages. On this page you can find all the languages they currently offer. Have fun!

“Learn at your own convenience and pace with short, effective, and fun audio podcast lessons, a comprehensive, state-of-the-art Learning Center, and a vibrant user community”


The audio lessons provide a guided learning experience with a native speaker and a non-native speaker who is experienced in the language.

The best aspect of LanguagePod101 is that you can download the podcasts to your phone and listen to them on your commute, while walking, or even doing your daily chores.

It's like you're adding extra time in the day to learn that language of your dream.

Which languages are available?

Innovative Languages offer 34 languages to learn, all from English. Here's a list that will take you to the proper website if you select your target language.

How to get started

In this section I'll show you how to get started.

I'll be using the Swedish version to demonstrate.

  1. Pick the language you want to learn from the list below.

You'll be taken to the front-page of the language, which looks a bit like this below:
Untitled design (1)

  1. Pick your level, enter your email address and click “Join Now”
  2. Confirm your email address and log in to your new LanguagePod101 account.

Click the upgrade button in the top right corner and buy either Basic or Premium.

I recommend Premium because it gives the most value for money.


  1. Use coupon code: “actualfluency” to get 25% off
  2. Enjoy your new premium product, and happy learning!

Complete List of LanguagePod101 and LanguageClass101 Languages

romanianpod101_sml portuguesepod101_sml polishpod101_sml persianpod101_sml norwegianclass101_sml koreanclass101_sml japanesepod101_sml italianpod101_sml indonesianpod101_sml hungarianpod101_sml hindipod101_sml hebrewpod101_sml greekpod101_sml germanpod101_sml frenchpod101_sml finnishpod101_sml filipinopod101_sml englishclass101_sml dutchpod101_sml danishclass101_sml czechclass101_sml chineseclass101_sml cantoneseclass101_sml bulgarianpod101_sml arabicpod101_sml afrikaanspod101_sml russianpod101_sml spanishpod101_sml swahilipod101_sml swedishpod101_sml thaipod101_sml turkishclass101_sml urdupod101_sml vietnamesepod101_sml