Glossika Coupon Code and Free Trial

Updated: September 2021

Glossika Discount and Coupon Code

Glossika offers all new users a 7-day free trial of its subscription service. It's unusual for Glossika to offer further discounts throughout the year, but they are known to offer a generous Black Friday deal.

Glossika: Speaking and listening help for 70 different languages

Glossika is a decent supplementary tool for gaining confidence in speaking aloud and practising listening comprehension. By way of its AI-based adaptive technology, Glossika “trains” you in a language rather than “teaches” you. Say farewell to vocabulary lists and grammar points; Glossika explains none of that. Instead, it uses repetition exercises to familiarise you with syntax patterns in sentences. This way, Glossika claims, you’ll acquire fluency more naturally.

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Glossika Black Friday Offer (Updated for 2021)


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