Glossika Black Friday Offer 2021: 50% off all subscriptions! [Now available]

Updated: November 21, 2021
Fact-Check & Editorial Responsibility: Kris Broholm

Glossika is once again offering a very generous Black Friday offer in 2021. Read this post to find out exactly what the deal is!

Updated: November 20, 2021

Glossika Black Friday Deal 2021

50% off all subscriptions

Glossika is an innovative spaced-repetition platform that features a very unique hands-off method that allows you to just consume a lot of learning content very quickly.

It has a series of sentences that expose you to all the different areas of grammar that each language has, so you can recognise the patterns later.

Also, uniquely, you get access to all 50 languages as part of your subscription – perfect for the aspiring polyglot.

Use coupon code: 2021BK50

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What is Glossika?

Glossika is a decent supplementary tool for gaining confidence in speaking aloud and practising listening comprehension.

By way of its AI-based adaptive technology, Glossika “trains” you in a language rather than “teaches” you. Say farewell to vocabulary lists and grammar points; Glossika explains none of that.

Instead, it uses repetition exercises to familiarise you with syntax patterns in sentences. This way, Glossika claims, you’ll acquire fluency more naturally.

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