My Fluent In 3 Months Premium Review: Is it worth it?


The Fluent in 3 Months Premium Program is a high-value membership site to help language learners, produced by Benny Lewis – a best-selling author and internationally renowned hyper-polyglot.

fluent in 3 months premiumFi3M Premium is especially helpful to beginners, who want to understand how to quickly and easily gain fluency in a foreign language.

The materials focus heavily on speaking early and the program takes you step-by-step through the process.

Premium is divided into 4 “streams” as follows, allowing a linear and controlled consumption of the material.

On top of this main feature you also get a ton of bonus content, like expert interviews, language-specific resources and bonus content from his best-selling book.

What You Will Find Inside Fi3M Premium

Fluent in 3 Months Premium

As I mentioned earlier Premium is split into 4 streams, with the first two shown above. These contain the majority of the content of your premium membership.

Language Hacking: Learn the secrets to speaking your target language fast through language hacking.

You get Benny's previous flagship course “Speak from Day 1” included in this stage.

On top of that you also get expert interviews, masterminds and practical tools such as conversation connectors you can print out and use in conversation to really increase your fluency instantly.

Immersion: Resources on how you can immerse yourself in the target language. Unfortunately only available for some languages at the moment but on balance these languages do have a ridiculous amount of resources and links you can dive into.

FAQ: Read questions from the community as well as ask your own to Benny's team of language encouragers.

Library: Bonus content such as Benny's Language Hacking Guide, which was his first product, as well as the director's cut of his bestselling book: Fluent in 3 Months.

Here you get extra resources, cliffnote refreshers of each chapter and references to Benny's blog posts and videos for further study. A good companion guide to the book.

I recorded a video of myself exploring these different streams, check out my findings in the video below.

Fluent in 3 Months Premium 2.0 Features at a glance

  • Speak from Day 1 video course
  • The Language Hacking Guide (this thing used to sell for $90 on its own!)
  • Exclusive master-class video and audio interviews with industry experts
  • Video tutorials
  • New! A step-by-step language hacker’s pathway.
  • New! Extra mini-missions and language challenges.
  • New! Language Journal.
  • New! Learning Schedule Templates.
  • Bonus 1: Immersion kits
  • Bonus 2: Conversational Connectors
  • Bonus 3: Fluent in 3 Months: Director's cut
  • All features

The good and the bad

At the time of writing this Fluent in 3 Months Premium review:

The good:

  • Incredible value for money: You get so much stuff to help you learn languages faster it will take you a long time to fully exhaust everything.
  • Motivation and Inspiration: Benny includes exclusive video and audio interviews with top language learners.
  • Comprehensive resource list: You get access to immersion kits, sentence connectors and a lot more that can help you learn many of the most popular languages faster.
  • And much more…: Honestly, there's so much stuff in Fi3m Premium that you have to go exploring on your own to see it all. You can also check out my video above where I go over what's inside.

The bad:

  • Not frequently updated: While Benny just recently revamped the entire site, this was the first update of Premium in over a year. He's also not added any new interviews to the membership, so the “lifetime updates” might be somewhat rare.
  • Benny's style doesn't suit everyone: Benny is an expert at speaking from day 1, and focuses a lot of his materials of getting you speaking your target language fast. This is obviously a big weakness for many language learners, but if you're primarily interested in learning how to read or perfecting grammar most of Benny's stuff is not for you.

My Fluent in 3 Months Premium Review Conclusion

Is Fluent in 3 Months Premium worth it?

I would say the answer is YES.

At the current price of $97 you're getting a boat-load of resources, that will instantly speed up your language learning. It's also great that it's a one-time investment and lasts for a lifetime.

Check out Fluent in 3 Months

Zero risk, lifetime updates and on-hand support

Benny and his team are so confident in the value of the Fluent in 3 Months Premium programme, that they offer the following benefits as well:

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime access and updates
  • Priority support from the premium language team – ask any question!

So there is absolutely zero risk by joining. If Benny's materials did not help you get closer to fluency you simply cancel the membership and get all your money back.

I hope you enjoyed my Fluent in 3 Months Premium Review. See you later for more 🙂


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  • John says:

    Great review, Kris! Thank you!

    • Kris Broholm says:

      Thanks John!

      I can see you’ve wasted no time getting busy in the facebook thread. Well done, half the effort of learning a language (and doing anything I suppose) is getting started.

      All the best on your journey, be sure to let me know if you get stuck on something 🙂

  • Dandara de Morais says:

    Hi! As a life time access I can use for different languages or only the one 1 started?

    • Kris Broholm says:

      Hi Dandara, the Fi3m Premium programme is a framework to help you learn any language you want, so you can use it towards any language. There are some more materials available for some of the most popular languages, but the method works perfectly well for any language you want to learn 🙂

  • R. Paige says:

    Unless you have virtually zero responsibilities AND virtually unlimited time AND can support yourself financially AND are willing to devote 7-8 hours a day AND are willing to do this on weekends AND have no social life AND have no family responsibilities AND no children. . . then you might be able to learn a language in 3 months.

    You should stop spreading the myth that most people can learn in 3 months. Too many factors prevent this. 12 months is more like it and then, it takes a lot of discipline.

    Sorry but Benny, though skilled, is a hype machine.

    • MC says:

      He explained that the title Fluent in 3 Months is not actually about learning the language to fluency in 3 months. He says 3 months because most places he went only gave him a 3 month tourist visa. He adds the fluent part in a sarcastic sense. “Well I have 3 months in the country, let’s see how far I can get to fluency.” He explained this to a group of us in person.

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