Breaking: Polyglot Conference 2023 Moves to Budapest

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Polyglot Conference Founder, Richard Simcott, just made the announcement at the Edinburgh Language Event (a smaller-scale version of the Polyglot Conference) saying that for 2023, the Polyglot Conference will return to its original city of Budapest.

Originally intended to take place in Singapore, Simcott announced that due to exorbitant costs this was not a realistic possibility, and he begrudged the high costs to go to Singapore for potential participants.

Budapest was the original city of the Polyglot Conference back in 2013, so it was a natural choice to go back to the roots and do the event in Budapest again, on the 10th anniversary.

Polyglot Conference 2023 Dates and Location

October 27-28, 2023 (Friday-Saturday)

in the Pest Vigado Hall, the second largest concert hall in Budapest, which is located on the Danube River embankment (Pest side).

My thoughts

I've been looking forward to the Polyglot Conference returning to Europe again, after the last two years in Japan and Mexico were too far away and too inconvenient for me to make the long trip, for just a quick 2 day conference.

I had looked at Singapore, but it was much the same story. Too far, and too expensive.

So, I'm really happy that Richard is bringing it to Budapest, a city that I've lived in, that I love very much, and I'm really due a re-visit to after the pandemic years.

What is the Polyglot Conference?

The Polyglot Conference is an annual gathering of language enthusiasts from all around the world. The event is designed to celebrate linguistic diversity and provide a platform for polyglots, linguists, and language enthusiasts to exchange ideas, learn new languages, and share their experiences. The conference typically features a range of presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities, covering topics such as language learning, language teaching, and the benefits of multilingualism. Attendees come from all walks of life, from students to professionals, and from all corners of the globe.