Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 60% off Rocket Languages

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 features a huge sale on Rocket Languages. Check out this post on which languages the discount applies to, and how you can get it.


Rocket Languages are awesome premium audio-courses, perfect for learning on the move.

To get your 60% discount simply click your target language below:

Languages with level 1-2-3

All other Languages

Rocket Languages: 60% off all courses

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2023 special

With the links below you get 60% off any Rocket course.

This means your lifetime access for any of the languages is only $179.94.

This is a saving of $269.91!

How to check out the deal

Pick your language from the above list.

You'll see the discount code applied automatically

Then you simply pick your desired package.

For the languages with 3 levels you get the most value out of the 1+2+3 package.

rocket languages black friday

This brings you to the checkout page:

(note: sometimes it goes straight to here, don't worry – you're on the right track!)

rocket 2019 deal

At the checkout be sure to double-check the discount code is applied correctly (60% off)

Any Problems?


Order form, or any other page doesn't load.

When I was testing out the deal, I sometimes had some timeouts for Rockets servers (could be because of the popularity of the deal!)

In that case, simply click the above links a few times and it should load.

If everything else fails, click this link to get to the homepage.

  1. Press “Pricing” in the top right menu
  2. Click “Change Language” in the middle of the screen to get your target language
  3. Enter coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY for 60% off

If the coupon code does not apply.

Click the language link again, and it should reapply the coupon. If it doesn't type in BLACKFRIDAY when selecting the language course level.

If language links go straight to the checkout pages

This is a really weird bug, but nothing to worry about. You are at the right place. Alternatively you can try to reload the link, this sometimes works for showing the different levels.

Rocket Languages Black Friday

Rocket are online premium podcasts are one of my favourite Black Friday deals this year, where you can get a whopping 60% off. They feature audio lessons from beginner to advanced levels.

But, be quick! When Cyber Monday rolls around the deal is gone.

Why podcasts are good to learn languages with

You can learn while doing other things

You can learn on any device (PC, Mobile, Tablet)

You get a lot of immersion and listening practice with the language.

Languages available with Rocket Languages Podcasts

Here are the languages you can choose again:

To get your 60% Black Friday discount simply click your target language below:

The coupon codes you need are embedded in the link!

Languages with level 1-2-3

All other Languages

I have featured many popular products on Actual Fluency, but these podcasts by Rocket languages are super cool. Using them on the move will save you a lot of time learning languages.

Full Disclaimer: Actual Fluency is a partner of Rocket Languages and may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to the buyer.

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