28+ Best Youtube Channels to Learn French

Immerse yourself in everything à la française with our selection of the best Youtube channels to learn French including options for beginner, intermediate and advanced speakers.

Our Pick of the Best Youtube Channels To Learn French

1. Learn French with Pascal 

Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate speakers

With clear and engaging slideshow videos, Pascal's channel is ideal for beginner students or those who are on the cusp of being an intermediate. All of the videos on the channel break down basic French grammar concepts and tricky French vocabulary in a way that is easy to understand. To make things more fun he also makes videos on popular French songs where you can follow the lyrics and translate them.

2. Еаsy French

Suitable for: Beginners

On the Easy French Youtube channel, the host travels around Paris asking Parisians about their views and opinions on a range of different topics. Generally speaking, the language is very simple and easy to follow, but you’ll need to be ready to learn lots of colloquial phrases and listen to a number of different accents! Perfect for beginners, each video has subtitles in French and English, so you can see how everything is written alongside the English translation.

3. Radio France Internationale 

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced speakers

Radio France Internationale is one of the best Youtube channels to learn French, especially if you’re interested in learning more about current events from around the world. The channel uploads short and informative videos following political and current affairs. Most of the videos are no more than five minutes long – which is great for those trying to fit in some French learning during their busy day. 

4. Documentaries HD France 

Suitable for: intermediate to advanced speakers

If you love watching documentaries, this is definitely one of the best Youtube channels to learn French for you! However, you’ll need a good amount of stamina, and a high level of French understanding to get through these long documentaries that span between 45-minutes and two hours. There’s something to spark everyone’s interest, from history and philosophy to modern technology and geographical wonders. 

5. Francais Avec Pierre

Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate speakers

Pierre and Noemie have a contagious enthusiasm and passion for the French language, which really comes across in their Youtube channel. Their videos are super varied; some focus on teaching tricky French grammar, while others are interesting interviews with French speakers. One day you might be learning about French culture and society and the next learning how to cook recipes in French. Some of their videos even help to prepare you for the DELF exam!

6. Parlez-vous French?

Suitable for: Beginners to advanced speakers

The host of the videos, Anne Le Grand, is an expert in teaching French as a foreign language. Her videos vary from business French (working in France, writing emails, letters and CV), to casual French for those who want to travel to France for pleasure. She offers dictation exercises, common expressions, quizzes, and even reads short stories in French. With such a variety of topics and a tonne of supplementary materials, this is one of the best Youtube channels to learn French no matter what your level.

7. Lingoni French 

Suitable for: Beginner to intermediate speakers 

Lingoni French is based on the language learning app of the same name: Lingoni. Its Youtube channel caters to A1-B2 level students, so the teachers tend to speak very slowly and clearly. The videos focus mostly on grammar or vocabulary, which can be a little boring if you're looking for variation. However, if you're looking for a methodical approach to learning French, this will be great for you!

8. Oh La La, I Speak French! 

Suitable for: Beginner to advanced speakers

Oh La La, I Speak French focuses on teaching you are much French as possible in two-three minute videos. The videos focus on demonstrating everyday situations dramatically and humorously. They teach you how to use slang, and casual French to get through them, instead of relying on your French textbook.

9. Coffee Break Languages: 4/5

Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate

Coffee Break Languages is a Youtube channel which follows on from a famous podcast of the same name. The channel has two video series for French: Walk, Talk and Learn French, and Coffee Break French To Go. The first focuses on deciphering French expressions around Paris. The host, Pierre-Beniot and Mark provide grammar explanations alongside vocabulary help. The second podcast focuses more on spoken French by asking locals questions on different topics so you can listen to different responses and accents. 

10. Francais Facile

Suitable for: Beginners

Francais Facile panders to students between the levels of A1-A2, as well as those students studying towards the DELF exam. The host regularly uploads videos on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Alongside these videos, you’ll find a free course on his website which can help you with your learning.

11. French in Action on the Gamma Network

Suitable for: Beginners to advanced speakers

While this may seem a little retro compared to what you’re used to, we believe it is one of the best Youtube channels to learn French as it teaches you the language in context. The channel follows an American student and a French student during a language exchange. They discuss important topics such as work, school, food, hobbies, their personal lives and more. The videos last around 30 minutes, however, there are only 52 videos available, and the audio quality varies a lot. 

12. Piece of French 

Suitable for: Beginners to advanced speakers

Piece of French is a great channel for those who don’t want to learn French the “normal” way. It actually resembles a typical vlogging channel. This means you follow the host, Elsa, as she goes about her day-to-day business like making her meals, going to yoga, meeting up with friends, going shopping and more. Despite this, she has many different playlists that cater to different ability levels, so you can get involved whether you’re a complete newbie or advanced speaker!

13. Cyprien

Suitable for: Advanced speakers.

Cyprien takes a more humorous approach to learning French by creating fun and engaging videos. No wonder he has more than 14 million subscribers! Each one is extremely well-edited and very creative, often including funny guests and comedy skits. Each video is completely different, filmed in a different location, with costumes and many props, making it one of the most engaging, and the best Youtube channels to learn French. Even better, each video includes English subtitles so you can follow along even if you’re a complete beginner.

14. Osons Causer 

Suitable for: Advanced speakers

Think of this Youtube channel as more of a news channel that keeps viewers up-to-date on the latest issues from around the world. Each video is very well researched and incredibly informative, which means you won’t just be improving your French, but learning about global topics as you do so. Topics include everything from cryptocurrency to environmentalism and geopolitics to the European Union.

15. Nota Bene

Suitable for: Advanced speakers

Nota Bene is another informative and educational channel, this time focusing on the history of Europe and the world. During the episodes, your host discusses social, geopolitical and economic issues from around the world including things like the Vikings, the eruption of Pompeii, and the history of the Irish independence. Due to the complexity of the topics, this is definitely one of the best Youtube channels to learn French, if you’re already an advanced speaker.

16. Learn French with Elsa

Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate

Your host, Elsa has more than 17 years experience teaching French, which means she is able to explain important grammar concepts very easily. Her Youtube channel covers videos on French grammar, must-know vocabulary, dictation exercises and helpful tips to perfect your pronunciation. Aside from her organized language videos she also goes live to let students interact with her and has a series where she reads and goes through the whole “The Little Prince” book.

17. Francais Immersion 

Suitable for: Beginners

If you’re a complete beginner, Francais Immersion is one of the best Youtube channels to learn French. Thomas, the host, is very enthusiastic and teaches you the very basics of the French language, starting with the alphabet and numbers. He speaks slowly, carefully and gestures a lot, making his videos very easy to follow.

18. Learn French with Alexa

Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate

Alexa is a great teacher that delivers her videos using a traditional classroom experience. Generally, the episodes cover an element of grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation, but she also touches upon basic phrases too. Alexa is extremely popular with schools and children studying for their GCSEs with a playlist of videos dedicated to just that. 

19. FrenchPod 101: 4/5 

Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate speakers

FrenchPod101 is one of our personal favourites and definitely one of the best Youtube channels to learn French. It delivers bitesize videos on a variety of different subjects, lasting anywhere from two to five minutes. When you have time, you’ll also find some pretty lengthy videos too, including a four-hour long video of French conversation practice. Each video focuses on a specific element of the French language, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or comprehension. All the videos include subtitles, and sometimes additional resources, such as a PDF file.

20. You Learn French

Suitable for: Beginners

You Learn French is one of the best Youtube channels to learn French if you’re starting from the very beginning. In the videos, you will learn French vocabulary, expressions and phrases, grammar (including verb conjugations) all of which are explained in a very simple and clear manner. Our only disappointment is that videos are very short and similar to flashcards, with no host to make it more engaging. 

21. Learnesty

Suitable for: Beginners

Learnesty is a channel focusing on structured language learning videos. Each video features a slideshow presentation as well as your host, a native French speaker who will go through the lesson with you. Topics are catered towards beginner learners only, and include things like talking about your hobbies, your family or going to the shop.

22. TV5 Monde

Suitable for: Advanced speakers

TV5 Monde is another Youtube channel that focuses on discussing current events from around the world. It discusses topics like American politics, French politics and EU politics, and recently has been widely reporting the Covid-19 pandemic. Videos are posted several times a day and last up to five minutes making them perfect for fitting around busy schedules. Unfortunately, the complexity of the topics and the language used makes the channel accessible for advanced speakers, or ambitious intermediate speakers only.

23. Francais Authentique

Suitable for: Beginners

A firm favourite amongst language learners and one of the best Youtube channels to learn French, Francais Authentique is a must-try. The topics are light and fun while still being well-structured and informative. This is a great Youtube channel if you need to learn about essential French vocabulary, as well as key grammar concepts. 

24. JeFrench

Suitable for: Beginner to intermediate speakers

JeFrench offers an interactive learning experience on Youtube. Each episode uses slideshows and images, along with a native French speaker to help you to master difficult French concepts. If you love learning through engaging graphics, this is certainly the best Youtube channel to learn French for you!

25. FastGoodCuisine

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced speakers

While FastGoodCuisine isn’t technically a language learning channel, it’s great if you’re an intermediate speaker who loves food! With more than four million subscribers, this channel hosts restaurant reviews, food challenges, fun recipes and more in a very engaging manner. You can watch everything with French subtitles too, as the speech can be very fast in some places!

26. Comme Une Française

Suitable for: Intermediate speakers

Comme Une Francaise is a lifestyle channel focusing on ways to learn French using everyday situations and scenarios. Rather than teaching you to speak French through a structured course, your host focuses on specific words and phrases, helping you to perfect their meaning, understand how and when to use them and, of course, master your pronunciation.

27. Axolot

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced speakers

Axolot is not a channel for learning French, however, it is an excellent resource for improving your listening and comprehension skills! On the channel, you’ll find quirky and fun stories that are usually fictional, but sometimes also recount real-life events too. While the language used is quite advanced, the narrator speaks slowly and clearly, and both English and French subtitles are available too if you need some extra support.

28. Classiques du Cinema Francais

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced speakers

What’s a better way to learn a language than through immersion? With this Youtube playlist, you can learn French through classic French movies. As you might expect with older videos, the quality of the audio is hit and miss, but you can enable subtitles to make it a lot easier to understand.

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