Baselang Coupon Code and Free Trial

Updated: August 2021

baselang coupon code

Baselang Discount and Coupon Code

Baselang normally doesn't offer discounts or coupon codes, but we have managed to secure an exclusive discount for Actual Fluency readers.

All you have to do to get this deal is to click the link below.

This will get your first week of Baselang for just $1 and $10 OFF your first monthly payment!

Plus, this is completely risk-free as Baselang offers a free trial. If you cancel before day 35 they will give you a full refund PLUS $20.

Baselang: For the serious Spanish learner

Baselang is a popular Spanish tutoring service, where you can book unlimited lessons for a fixed monthly fee. It's very popular with people who are trying to learn Spanish quickly.

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