Podcast Episode: What’s new with Actual Fluency (April 2020)?

In this unnumbered Actual Fluency episode I'm getting into a few updates as of April 2020.

Here's what you'll hear about in the episode:

  • Why the podcast was on a minor break
  • Why you shouldn't necessarily feel pressured to learn a new language during the pandemic
  • What happened to the Polyglot Cruise
  • New Course Launch: Bite-Size Languages
  • What else is new on Actual Fluency
  • What is happening to the polyglot events around the world, which ones do I hope to attend?


Podcast Returns

After an extended break due to the pandemic I'm happy to report that new episodes of the podcast will be released weekly from this date.

I've already recorded some super cool episodes and I aim to have a lot of brand new guests on this year.

Polyglot Cruise