Actual Fluency Events

On this page you'll find a selection of all the events organised by Actual Fluency.

The New Year – New Language Summit (NYNL)

NYNL is for language learners who want to get their language learning year started right. More than 30 polyglots, language professionals, and experts share their best techniques for learning foreign languages, and sticking to your goals and routines so you can make a huge leap in your language skills throughout the year.

Next Event: January, 2024

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The Language Career Summit (LCS)

LCS is like a modern version of a “career day” or “job fair” – showing the many ways that languages can be used to build and grow amazing careers out of. From traditional careers like interpreting and translation, to becoming the next big language YouTuber – everything will be covered.

Next Event: September, 2023

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