What is the Hardest Language to Learn For an English Native Speaker?

Perhaps you’ve found your way to this page because you’ve mastered a few languages and are ready to ramp up the difficulty level a notch?

Maybe, you’re a complete newbie to the world of language learning and you want to start your journey with a bang?

Or, you might simply be here because you’re curious to find out exactly what the hardest language is to learn and why?

Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place.

Before you read on, I’ve got a small disclaimer to make: answering this question isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. The difficulty of learning a language can depend on your mother tongue, your experience with similar languages, and your natural knack as a language guru.

For the purpose of this list, I’ve focused on languages that are tricky to learn for those who have grown up using English as their native language. 

So, below, you’ll find plenty of tonal languages, alphabets with weird and wonderful characters, and headache-inducing grammar. Don’t worry though, I’ve also included a few tips on how to make things a little easier if you want to start learning one of these notoriously tricky languages.

So, let’s dive in! 

The 8 Hardest Languages To Learn In The World