Podcast Episode Unpublished

I'm sorry, but the podcast episode you attempted to reach has been unpublished from Actual Fluency.

Why did this happen?


  • The interviewee requested the episode be removed
  • The interviewee engaged in unethical or criminal activities after their appearance.
  • The topic is completely outdated and/or irrelevant.
  • The quality of the episode was less than I want.

Long explanation

I've been recording episodes for the podcast for a long time. In that time many things change, and people change priorities, even careers. This means that episodes that might have been relevant in the past, are not at all relevant today.

Most of my episodes are kept in spite of this, but occasionally I get requests from the people I've interviewed to either heavily edit or remove the episodes they were in.

There are also situations where an episode features somebody found to be engaged in unethical, scammy or illegal activities where AF and myself cannot be associated with this person anymore.

Another reason is when an episode is mostly or entirely revolved around a piece of software or application that has been discontinued or changed dramatically since the episode was created.

There are bound to be some out of date information in the podcast archives, but when the episode's core content is completely irrelevant then I'd rather unpublish the episode instead of keeping it up.

Finally if an episode provides very little value and/or have very low quality it might also have been removed.

I hope that you're not overly disappointed in this, and hope that you will enjoy the other 100+ episodes of Actual Fluency.