Conversation Countdown Review: Can you speak in a week?

In this post I give a brief overview of Benny Lewis' course: Conversation Countdown, and how you can use it to get a very fast start in learning any foreign language.

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AFP 19 – Brian Kwong: Add1Challenge and tips for success

Today I bring on the man behind the Add1Challenge: Brian Kwong. I sadly started my language learning journey slightly after the first Add1Challenge, but just based on sheer popularity I knew I had to join the next one. I also ran into Brian in Berlin so it was great to meet him in person as well.

On the episode today we discuss the new Add1Challenge, where the signup process starts TODAY! and runs onto the 18th of July. Be sure to sign up before and make your application as good as it can be as the spots are limited to 150 people.

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AFP 17 – Lauren Cutlip and Benny Lewis: Lauren’s Esperanto

On this episode I am super excited to welcome Lauren and Benny to the podcast, I had been trying to get Benny on the show for a good while to talk about his book, but due to a busy schedule he was unavailable. Then by the time we set up an interview in Berlin he had already been asked just about any possible question about the book, so I had to think deep in order to provide an angle where we could learn something from Benny, but without it being him responding to the same old questions he had been asked time and time again.

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