Actual Fluency Spring Flash Sale – April 11-13, 2021

To celebrate the end of winter, as well as improvements in the global pandemic we're offering a special flash sale on all Actual Fluency courses, where you can get 25% off for the next 3 days only!

Update April 14: The sale is now over.

Flash Sale: 25% OFF ALL COURSES

NEW: Russian Pronunciation Challenge (RPC)

Through 30 separate videos, this course teaches ALL the sounds of the Russian language. With extensive examples and exercises you'll be mastering the tricky pronunciation in no time. We recommend 1 lesson per day, but you can go faster if you dare! Perfect for the total beginner or someone looking to reinforce the fundamentals.

Was $87

Now $65.25 (USE COUPON: SPRING2021)

Bite Size Language Courses

Premium and Essential Beginner Listening Courses

Comprehensible input and listening practice for 6 different languages with 100 audio dialogues full of practical and everyday language to listen to over and over. Or you can go in-depth with the accompanying transcripts, grammar notes, and cultural lessons.

Was $47/$67

Now $35.25/$50.25 (Coupon code: SPRING2021)

Language Motivation Mastery

Mindset, Goal-Setting, and Productivity

Discover how top polyglots set goals and plan their language learning, so you never face burnout or lose motivation again. 6 week programme with workbook and lots of useful applications for all aspects of life, not just language learning.

Was $97

Now $72.75 (USE COUPON: SPRING2021)