Russian Tutoring Sessions: Listen to My Lessons

Hey guys,

I recently announced I was going to add more content to the YouTube Channel. It is now up to 120+ subscribers, which I'm really thankful for.

Today I'm happy to announce the second episode of my Russian Tutoring lessons. These videos basically allow you to be a fly on the wall during my one-to-one Russian Tutoring lessons, while subtitles provide you with what is actually going on.

This new series will d├ębut every Sunday, and hopefully there will be a great amount of progress in my, so far, feeble Russian.

Why did I decide to be so open?

I realised fairly quickly that people often love to see inside tutoring sessions, some of the most popular videos from other well known language bloggers came from recording Skype videos with their tutor.

That is very interesting. But some even more popular videos were of Benny Lewis when he had studied the language a minimum. I think the most extreme he did was a Polish after 2 hours, which naturally didn't go very well, but the act of showing that you can actually get somewhere in no time really resonated with many people.

But I'm not Benny Lewis. I'm just Kris.

And these videos show exactly that. I'm a new language learner finding my way and during the tutoring sessions I stumble, ask for words and completely misunderstand – a lot. I cringe when I hear my pronunciation and many mistakes and it really hurts to publish it.

But some wise person once said, if it hurts – you are probably doing something right.

I hope that you enjoy the videos, please let me know in the comments here or on YouTube if you like this format. I apologise in advance for the Skype sounds, it was every vocabulary my tutor posted in the window. Don't worry, you are not getting any messages.

My Tutor

Shout-out to my fantastic tutor, Anastasia. If you are interested in lessons with her go check her out at:

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