Russian Tutoring Sessions Episode 8

Welcome to another Russian Tutoring Session, this is my weekly series where I give you unrestricted access to my Russian tutoring lessons. I do this so you can see my exact level, and hopefully also to inspire you to take some lessons of your own. The value of lessons is way more than the low prices you can find on iTalki.

Changes this week

This week's session is the first with the new reduced length. I decided to shorten the length of my tutoring sessions because I felt my concentration was lacking in the latter half of the hour. I also felt that my brain was going to explode after trying to memorise so many Russian terms, but that's a minor point of course.

By doing these shorter sessions twice a week, instead of one long session once a week, I also have more frequent exposure to the language. This is ABSOLUTELY critical when you are studying a language that is not spoken where you live. Here in Odense I have come to know a few who speak Russian, but I don't want to impose on a good friendship by insisting on speaking Russian with them. Of course most of them are friendly about it, but still. I think respect is important.

All in all I feel 2×30 minutes is pretty perfect for me. It's realistic with my crowded schedule, but also enough to feel a real development. As always I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any comments, be sure to leave them below.

Who and Where?

I get all my tutoring from iTalki and the tutor here is Anastasia. She is from Russia, but lives in America now.