Russian Resources: My Picks for Learning Russian

Thanks for your interest in Russian!

Your interest has been noted. Here you'll see some of my favourite resources for learning russian.

Resources for learning Russian

Top recommendation: RussianPod101

itunes_logoI highly recommend RussianPod101 as a great way to get started. I've been using this service to learn Russian and Hungarian and it has a LOT of lessons from complete beginner to upper advanced levels. It's an audio-based method so you get a stronger feeling of the tricky pronunciation from the beginning.

My favourite reason for using RussianPod101 is because you can download all their lessons and put them on your phone or other mobile device to listen to while commuting or travelling. This gives it a lot of flexibility and allows you to work on your English even if you have a busy schedule.

Other resources


iTalki – Just do it!!


Audio Services and Courses

  • RussianPod101 – Hundreds of downloadable lessons in an affordable monthly membership.
  • Glossika Russian – Over 3000 sentences that teaches you Russian in context by using a sentence-based spaced repetition method.
  • Michel Thomas, Total Russian – GREAT beginner course that takes advantage of cognates and similarities to English and allows you to start speaking and understanding Russian very quickly.
  • Pimsleur Russian – Listen and repeat, you know how it works. Some people find it more valuable than others. Good listening and pronunciation practice.


YouTube Channels

  • Russian Grammar – Video representations of a grammar podcast done by a university professor. Very educational and he has a great voice for narration.
  • Easy Russian – Maria moved to the US from Russia and started her Easy Russian series. Tons of videos with her speaking (somewhat quick) Russian with subtitles about various topics.
  • Easy Languages: Russian – The host (Anya) is super cute and giggly as she goes around interviewing people on the streets of Sct. Petersburg. Another good way to get some practice in listening to native level Russian.