Black Friday 2019: Big discount on Mimic Method (76% off!)

Mimic Method Black Friday offer 2019: Masterclass liquidation sale!

Idahosa Ness and the team over at Mimic Method are offering a staggering 76% discount on the Masterclass programme!

What is the Mimic Method Masterclass?

The premise is simple: Master the hearing and pronunciation of *ALL* elemental sounds through a series of lectures.

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It's the fastest way to fix your hearing & pronunciation

What you get with Mimic Method

What You'll Get in the 5-Part Courses:

  • Video Tools
    Lifetime access to over 6 hours of video lectures with Idahosa Ness
  • IPA Mastery
    Custom-made Drills Index so you can learn the International Phonetic Alphabet of Spanish
  • Training Exercises
    Multimedia hearing & pronunciation training exercises so you can practice each sound daily
  • Sound Acceleration
    Interactive spreadsheet of the 500 most frequently used words in the language

Pick your language!

The deal is available for:

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