LanguagePod101 Coupon Code and Free Trial

Updated: September 2021

LanguagePod101 Discount and Coupon Code

LanguagePod101 offers a 7-day free trial of its Premium courses for all new users. When the free trial ends, you can choose to remain a free user or pay for a Premium subscription. If you do choose to remain a premium user, you can use the code ACTUALFLUENCY to get 25% off your purchase.

LanguagePod101: Useful audio podcasts

LanguagePod101 and LanguageClass101 is a service of audio podcasts from Innovative Languages. The audio lessons provide a guided learning experience with a native speaker and a non-native speaker who is experienced in the language. There are 34 languages available. Click on the links below to find out more information.

Find out more about LanguagePod101/LanguageClass101

LanguagePod101/LanguageClass101 Black Friday Offer (Updated for 2021)

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