Fluent Language Black Friday: Habit System and Vocab Memory

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2023)

Fluent Language (url: Fluentlanguage.co.uk) run by Kerstin Cable is once again part of the Black Friday deals and offers this year, with two of her programs: The Language Habit System and Solid Vocab Memory at excellent discounts.

Offer Details:

Product(s): The Language Habit System (formerly known as The Language Habit Toolkit)

Language(s): Any

Level(s): Any

Dates Active: November 24-25, 2023

BF Deal Price: $197 ($100 OFF)

Coupon Code: LHSBF23

Deal Link: Click Here

Product(s): Your Solid Vocab Memory

Language(s): Any

Level(s): Any

Dates Active: November 20-27, 2023

BF Deal Price: $49 (45% OFF)

Coupon Code: YSVMBF23

Deal Link: Click Here

What is the Language Habit System?

The Language Habit System is an online course and toolkit designed to help language learners build a productive routine.

✅ get organised, long term

✅ simple consistency and real progress

✅ structured guide for learning a language with exciting and achievable goals

The program used to be called: The Language Habit Toolkit

What is Your Solid Vocab Memory?

Your Solid Vocab Memory is an online course teaching you Kerstin Cable’s tried-and-tested system for developing a great vocabulary learning routine.

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