Chris’ Russian Tutoring Sessions Episode 4

It's Sunday and that means a new episode of Chris' Russian Tutoring Sessions. Thank you for following my progress, and every comment that you guys have posted on the videos or the posts associated with them really inspire me to work harder.

This is the last part of one of the first tutoring sessions I took on iTalki, which means this is a starting point. When I went back to listen to this, I was astounded at just how bad my Russian was. After all I had been studying it for months!

But that just proves that I have been a little lazy in the last 6 months or so, and by looking at my own usage of my time critically I can work harder and better in the time coming up. I now make sure to get weekly lessons as well as daily working on vocabulary and other technical aspects.

I wasn't doing that 6 months ago.

Next week will be a brand new session recorded 2 weeks after this, so you should hopefully be able to hear an improvement.


Last week I promised an iTalki voucher to a lucky commentor, but since nobody commented it will now move on to this week. All you have to do is answer the following question: In the video I list 2 food items as typically Danish, which? I'll randomly select the winner, from the correct answers next sunday.

Disclaimer: Previous 2014 AF iTalki voucher winners are ineligable to participate in this giveaway.



I was recommended Anastasia on iTalki from another language learner, and as you can hear in the videos she is awesome! Be sure to contact her if you are interested in taking your russian to the next level.

  • acutia says:

    Well, Chris here’s a comment for you. The Iframe code above for the youtube video seems to be wrong, as instead of the video I just see Iframe code to embed a video. Also, the Youtube video URL itself looks to be missing its “http:”.

    • Chris Broholm says:

      Thanks! I’m such an idiot sometimes.

      It’s fixed now.

  • Kelly Phelan says:

    Привет Крис! У нас самая учительница! Я лювлю Аннастасия (Настия). Вы говорили о картофели и баконе. Мне нравиться бакон тоже.

    I recognized Nastia’s voice before I read her name and realized she was my tutor as well. She is great. Enjoy your bacon with sauce and potatoes. 🙂 And good luck with your Russian studies.

    • Chris Broholm says:

      привет кейли!(?)

      Спасибо за твой комментарий! Она хорошоя учительница ))

      Как долго ты учила Русский язык?

      • Kelly Phelan says:

        Я начала учить русский язык в сентябре. Но я жила в Москве когда я была маленкая, так я запомну немного.

        • Chris Broholm says:

          очень хорошо! я надеюсь ты будеть иметь успех! (не знаю если возможно сказать ) 😀

  • Josephine Stefani says:

    Nastya has the most amazingly sweet voice. I can just listen to it all day long. She also speaks so clearly and ahh I think it’s time for me to book another session!

    • Chris Broholm says:

      Her voice is dreamy…..I love it when she laughs too.

  • Israel Lai says:

    bacon with sauce and potatoes 🙂 I’m sure to check her out too when I get back into Russian! But for now I’m putting slavic languages aside and focusing on consolidating my current ones…

    • Chris Broholm says:

      That is a wise choice as well, Israel. No need to get too tempted by too many languages, so you forget working on the ones you already started! 🙂

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