Polyglot Gathering Berlin 2015 Trip Report

I just came home from my trip to Berlin to take part in the Polyglot Gathering. Last year was a life-changing event and I've literally been counting the days since I left last year until the day I could return. In this post I'll share my experience of the 2015 version and try and explain some of the differences or similarities from last year.

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My comprehensive Polyglot Gathering Berlin trip report – PART 10!

Welcome to my Berlin trip report. I decided to write a very comprehensive trip report, in an attempt to try and recreate my own participation in the event. This way my hope is that people who were unable to attend can at least get a feel for just how incredible the event was. This is a multi part story and you can read the other parts by selecting the links below.

PS. I apologize for not having more pictures, I usually don't take many photos when I'm travelling around.

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