Italki October Challenge over – why challenges are so powerful

Phew! That was a tough challenge. After a few very intense work weeks and recovering from my trip to the US it was time to take on yet another edition of Italki challenges. In this post I'll share my experience with the October version and also what makes these kinds of challenges so powerful for language learning.

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Learning Hungarian in Budapest Update 1 – No excuses!

The astute reader of the blog will have noticed a distinctive lack of updates in the last few weeks. I did try and make a comeback recently with my post: An overdue update from Budapest but I realised quickly following it that I was still not in a position to get back to regularly writing.

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An overdue update from Budapest

Hello everyone. I've been meaning to give you an update from Budapest for a while now, but for some reason all the stress of emigrating, finding a flat and dealing with complete incompetence left me unable to take a breath, sit down and actually write this post.

Now I feel slightly better and I have some spare time to reflect on my first 45 days in Budapest, as well as just how hard it is to relocate. Not the actual physical moving from country to country, but the emotional and psychological stress it places on you. I'll talk more about that a bit later.

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