Innovative Language Podcasts: 1 Billion Downloads Sale

The Pod101 and Class101 series are some of the most popular language learning tools available on the market today. This month they're celebrating over 1 BILLION downloads of their lessons with a special deal.

Pod101 and Class101 are premium language learning podcasts produced by the company innovative languages. They offer 35 languages and each language has tons of content available for you to learn with.

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I've used the pod101 and class101 podcasts to learn Russian and Hungarian and I'm a big fan of their concept, as well as the many lessons and learning tools a membership gives access to. The mobile app allows for hassle-free listening on the go, and they don't waste time talking about grammar points unless absolutely necessary.

To find out more about the software, check out my review of FrenchPod101.

The Billion Download Deal (until August 24th!)

To celebrate their BILLION downloads (yes, that's a B!) their offering a special sale, where you can subscribe to the language you're learning at a heavily discounted price. Here's what they offer:

Basic – gives access to the lessons, great for budget learning

Premium – gives access to lessons, videos, learning tools and pretty much everything.

Premium Plus – like Premium, but you get access to native tutors, who can help you with specific questions or problems.

The deal is:

  • 25% off Basic
  • 30% off premium
  • 35% off Premium Plus.

Note: This stacks with the normal loyalty discount, where you can get up to 60% discount for paying upfront, allowing to get a crazy good deal that lasts for years.

72% off learning Spanish, down to just a few coffees for a whole month!!

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