24+ Best Youtube Channels to Learn Italian

Learning languages on a budget? Get started with one of the best Youtube channels to learn Italian! 

Best Youtube Channels To Learn Italian for Beginners Onwards!:

1. LearnAmo

LearnAmo is hosted by Graziana and Rocco, two lively and fun Italian teachers who cover Italian grammar, vocabulary and culture! The channel is hosted mainly in Italian, but you’ll find English and Italian subtitles for each video too. Lessons range from level A1 all the way up to C2, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a lesson suitable for your ability.

2. Italy Made Easy 

Manu is an Italian native living in Australia who just so happens to be the host of Italy Made Easy. More importantly, he’s a polyglot (read more about how to become a polyglot here!), which means he knows what it’s like to be a student, and often addresses common problems language students face. Pandered towards beginner learners, most videos are in English and introduce basic grammar concepts, pronunciation techniques and simple sentence structure.

3. The Travel Linguist 

The Travel Linguist is a channel that teaches you basic vocabulary and phrases for multiple languages. Each video follows a similar structure: the presenters take turns saying common, beginner-friendly phrases in Italian and explaining their meaning and when to use them.The phrases can be on any topic, from asking for directions to shopping or dining, but they don’t reach beyond upper-beginner level.

4. ItalianPod 101 

ItalianPod101 is a great channel for beginner learners. It actually began its life as a language learning website with a subscription service to help you learn Italian through video lessons and a podcast. However, its Youtube channel includes a ton of free content, so you don't have to spend a penny! They have videos on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening comprehension. As one of the more popular language learning resources, videos are uploaded nearly every day, so there’s always something new to watch! 

5. Learn Italian with Lucrezia 

Lucrezia is an Italian native speaker based in Rome who loves her native language and tells us all about it in her Learn Italian with Lucrezia Youtube channel! If you’re a beginner you’ll find all of the basics covered on this channel including days of the week, numbers and the weather. However, if you’re already an intermediate speaker you can move on into learning Italian idioms, slang and complex sentences. Lucrezia also has a series where she teaches you Italian while cooking classic dishes, a great choice if you love Italian food!

6. One World Italiano 

One World Italiano is a channel based in Cagliari, the heart of the beautiful island of Sardinia. Veronica and her team are passionate about language learning, and their enthusiasm is contagious. To help beginner students, she speaks slowly and clearly, and there are always subtitles to assist you too. Veronica updates her channel regularly and often, so there is a lot of content to watch. If you love travelling you could always visit her language school in Cagliari, and learn Italian in Italy!

7. Weila Tom 

Tom is a well-practised language student whose Youtube channel, Weila Tom, aims to teach Italian to English speakers, and English to Italian speakers. His method is all about immersive learning and helping you to, almost subconsciously, learn Italian through books, music and media. He has videos on grammar and vocab, as well as some on Italian culture. 

8. Italian Mastery

Italian Mastery is the perfect channel to learn tough Italian grammar. The videos are easy to follow and generally consist of a simple pen and paper while the host narrates and describes important aspects of grammar. We all know that grammar can get boring, but the host tries to make it more fun, for example by reading parts of Harry Potter in Italian and explaining the sentance constructions

9. Marco Nisida: Learn Italian, Live from Italy 

Marco is an Italian native speaker who records lessons for English students as well as Spanish speakers on his Youtube channel: Marco Nisida: Learn Italian, Live from Italy. His lessons cover basic words and grammar and, to make learning easier, he displays everything on the screen in easy-to-digest information. Aside from language videos, he also travels around Italy and films cultural videos too!

10. Sofie's World 

Sofie is an Italian-American who has spent most of her life in America, however, she now lives in Italy with her Italian husband. Her channel, Sofie’s World, covers loads of fun videos following her daily life in Rome. It’s great for all levels as the videos are in both Italian and English and cover a wide range of topics like fashion, food, lifestyle and more. 

11. Dinolingo (One for the kids!)

It's important to have a channel for our youngest language learners too! Dinolingo helps kids understand Italian through animations, music and fun children's voices. The channel mainly includes fun songs in Italian about numbers, months, vehicles and more. If you want your child to learn a second language: Dinolingo is the way to learn. 

Best Youtube Channels To Learn Italian for Intermediate Speakers and Above:

12. Italiano Automatico 

Italiano Automatico is hosted by Alberto who records videos solely in Italian, with Italian and English subtitles. Alberto focuses on grammar and vocabulary, however, it is mostly aimed at intermediate speakers who already have some knowledge of Italian. Aside from his language videos, his channel also includes some Italian travel videos and street interviews with native Italian speakers. It's all great well-rounded content for intermediate students. 

13. Dolce Vita with Luca and Marina

Luca and Marina host the popular channel: Dolce Vita. Their channel includes many educational series, as well as more fun and cultural content like travel videos or cooking videos. If you want to learn how to interact with Italians, this is the ideal channel for you! Luca and Mariana teach you all about Italian slang, gestures, as well as their traditions and habits to help you navigate your way through Italy. 

14. Italian with Melissa: La Studentessa Matta 

Melissa Muldoon is a native English speaker who has been studying Italian for over 15 years, so she understands the struggles that language learners face. She loves teaching Italian on her Youtube channel, Italian with Melissa, through expressions, trends and gestures and uploads fun videos about how to get a train ticket in Italy, going shopping, or how to find your perfect hotel. 

15. Cook Around 

What’s a better way to learn Italian than watching how to cook delicious Italian dishes? While many Youtube channels may teach you how to cook, Cook Around TV always features subtitles to help you learn Italian at the same time. Since it can be a little difficult to follow we recommend this for intermediate learners or above.

16. Easy Languages 

Easy Languages helps you to learn a language in the most immersive way possible: through interviews with locals in their native language and dialects. The videos are completely in Italian, however, they do feature English subtitles too. Since the language can be quite tricky we’d recommend this for intermediate students. 

17. Luca Lampariello 

Luca Lampariello is an Italian polyglot who loves learning languages and has become very popular in the language learning community. While some of his videos take you through the fundamentals of learning Italian, the majority talk about how to learn a language, and different methods you can use to learn even more languages effectively. 

18. Wild at Earth 

Wild at Earth features Mery, an Italian Native Speaker who loves to travel around the world and document her travel experiences on Youtube. Luckily, in Italian! If you love to travel and enjoy discovering new cultures, this is a great channel for you. She doesn’t teach Italian, however, through her fun and immersive videos you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

19. Fanpage.it 

Fanpage is one of the most popular Italian Youtube channels which also makes it one of the best Youtube channels to learn Italian! The channel consists of interviews, social commentaries and investigative journalism all of which take place in Italy. It aims to highlight important topics on current affairs, migration and other topics while adding a more personal and warm touch through Italian natives. 

20. Your Italian Teacher 

Valeria, the host of Your Italian Teacher, has a calm and welcoming teaching style, which makes her a wonderful language instructor. On her channel, she explains Italian grammar, phrases, and vocabulary clearly, explaining any tricky concepts with ease. She speaks at her normal place, which is great if you are already familiar with some Italian, and often discusses common mistakes learners make. 

21. Sgrammaticando 

Sgrammaticando is a channel devoted to Italian grammar. Fiorella, the host of the channel, prepares fun and friendly videos for both Italian speakers (who sometimes need some help!) and Italian language learners. Her main aim is to help you avoid making common mistakes and teach you how to talk like a native. 

Best Youtube Channels To Learn Italian for Advanced Speakers:

22. The Jackal 

If learning through laughter sounds ideal for you, The Jackal is one of the best Youtube channels to learn Italian. Videos are between five and ten minutes long and based around Italian people and culture, featuring everything from real-life situations to Italian music. While the subject matter isn't always hard to understand, you may struggle a little with the Neapolitan accents – great if you’re an advanced learner looking for a challenge! 

23. Breaking Italy 

Breaking Italy is an advanced channel for students interested in current events, geopolitics, social issues and more. The channel is organised like a news show, however, it’s a lot more interactive and informative. Alessandro Masala, the host, speaks quickly (in a Sardinian accent) and there are no subtitles available either, so we’d recommend this for confident Italian speakers only.

24. Favij

Favij is a popular gamer on Youtube, who also fancies himself as a bit of a comedian. His six million followers tune in to watch him defeat opponents while providing a pretty funny commentary alongside. If you’re a keen gamer who wants to combine two hobbies into one, this could be the channel for you! 

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