Why we should let languages die and enjoy those that are still alive

Lately, I have begun to see more and more posts published to social media about dying or even dead languages.

I don't have personal interest in endangered languages, but I can understand if some people might find it worrying or even go to great lengths to try and revive these extinct or near-extinct languages.

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AFP 04 – Seán Young: How to Teach Languages the Best Way

On this episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast things are a bit different from the previous episodes when I bring on Seán L. Young. Seán has been in the business of language teaching for 30 years in June and is also an avid language learner on the side, having studied over 50 languages to varying degrees.

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AFP 03 – Judith Meyer: An Incredible Language Learning Journey

On this episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast I welcome on Judith Meyer. Judith is a very well-known polyglot and speaks over 12 languages. During the recording we touch on many areas such as how to learn, how to set goals to get motivated and whether or not you should learn Latin or other ancient languages.

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Guide: How to watch any video with 2 sets of subtitles

** Update November 2018: This post solved a problem many years ago, and while it still works new solutions have been developed, check the comment section!

** If you're interested in learning Spanish as a foreign language, check out my review of Baselang – a no fuss, unlimited tutoring service.

The other night I was watching my Frozen DVD on my computer with the Russian language enabled, but as I was watching the movie I was thinking; “What if I could have both Russian and English subtitles at the same time?”

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Russian Mission: One month as a new independent language learner

For the last month and a little bit more I have been studying Russian as my first independently studied foreign language. It is the first I want to achieve fluency in, before I start moving on to another language. I have given myself 3 months to reach conversational fluency, because that coincides with the Polyglot Berlin conference.

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AFP 02 – Ellen Jovin: Language Learning for Pure Enjoyment

On today's episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast I welcome Ellen Jovin. I met Ellen on one of the many languagelearning facebook groups and after I discovered her blog I knew I had to get her on the podcast. Luckily she agreed and we had a great talk at the end of the day.

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