AFP 08 – Lindsay Dow: Language lover, blogger and TEFL-certified tutor

Today I'm extremely happy to welcome onto the show Lindsay Dow.

I've been fan of Lindsay's blog and YouTube channel for a while and her apparent enthusiasm and passion for languages made me want to have her on the Podcast as soon as possible 🙂

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AFP 07 – Dani Maizner: Austrian polyglot and blogger

Today I'm happy to bring on a fellow language learner whom I have gotten to know via  the Facebook groups and communities that relate to language learning. It's an amazing feeling to be part of the community and I feel like I'm meeting people I would have otherwise never met.

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AFP 06 – The Basics of Independent Language Learning

Today I'm super stoked to announce the release of my first SOLO episode of the podcast. The aim of the podcast is to empower language learners by providing inspiration, tips and resources on the best ways to learn that dreaded foreign language. 

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Learning Multiple Languages At Once: Great Idea or Waste of Time?

I was recently approached by a fellow language learner who asked me if I could write a blog post about learning multiple languages at once, or just focusing on a single language before moving on to the next one.

Instead of me just sharing my views, I thought it would be fun to ask the question to the community and then write this blog post as a round-up type post.

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