AFP S3E05 – Richard Delamore aka Evildea on Esperanto

Today I'm joined by the Esperanto Youtuber EvilDea, aka Richard Delamore to talk about his experience with Esperanto and how the recent release of Esperanto Duolingo is changing the Esperanto landscape.


Every season I try to bring some attention to Esperanto. Primarily because I'm a fan of the language, particularly when it comes to aiding future language learning but also to highlight the social benefits you can gain by learning this plan language.

I understand not everyone is interested in Esperanto, and to you I can only say, regular programming will continue next week 🙂

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Evildea aka Richard Delamore is an Esperanto Youtuber and he produces a ton of videos in Esperanto. On top of that he is also involved with Esperanto TV and local Esperanto events in his home town Sidney, Australia.

Ask me anything!

I often get asked various questions, so I thought it would be good to start sharing some of the answers with the rest of the world. If you have a question about anything (really!) then fire away. Do notice that I'm not a bonafied expert language learner or polyglot. I'm just trying to do my best as the terrible student I am.

I'd be happy to answer any questions on language learning based on the experience I have from interviewing tons of people, who are way more talented than I am. You can ask your question using this link: Ask Kris a question

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Show notes

  • How Richard got into Esperanto
  • What he got out of learning it
  • Why he started YouTubing
  • The effects on Duolingo on the Esperanto landscape
  • The future of Esperanto
  • And much more!

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Thank you to this week’s guest: Richard Delamore