Uncovered by Olly Richards: StoryLearning Self-Study Courses from Beginner to Intermediate

Uncovered is the name of a series of beginner language courses that takes anyone from a complete beginner well into the intermediate levels. They're produced by StoryLearning.com, which was founded by Olly Richards (formerly known as I Will Teach You a Language.)

They are innovative, online self-study courses that teaches the language through the power of story.

Uncovered uses a special “immersion” method that helps you develop strong comprehension skills and a natural command of grammar.

With expert tuition throughout, and a particular focus on speaking and listening skills, you’ll develop the confidence to use the language in real life, and enjoy it to the fullest.

Languages Available

What Uncovered looks like

Taken from the Spanish “Beginner” version. The format is similar across the languages.

Here's what each module contains, the other courses and languages follow a similar structure (varies slightly depending on alphabets, etc)

After you read and listen to the story (multiple times is recommended!) the teacher will break down the vocabulary and grammar you need to know

During the materials you'll also be tested to make sure you've understood:


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