Membus: The most epic multilingual road trip ever attempted

The most epic multilingual road trip ever attempted is the tagline behind the new project from the Memrise team. Their aim is to drive a London-style double-decker bus through Europe and record the world's first video dictionary for a variety of languages. Right now they need our help to finance the project.

Read more in this post on how you can get involved in this crazy multilingual road trip.

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The Spaced Repetition Snowball: How to become overwhelmed by learning vocabulary

There are few people out there today, who don’t see the value of spaced repetition for learning vocabulary in languages. In fact, it can actually be used to learn anything. However, lately I’ve discovered a few traps with spaced repetition that I thought would be of use to other language learners.

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AFP 15 – Ben Whately: Memrise, memory and learning

Today is a very exciting episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast. If you have listened to the podcast or even read my blog before, you will have noticed that I recommend Memrise A LOT. To me it's just the perfect learning environment for foreign language vocabulary (and more!). Today I'm very fortunate to be joined by the Chief Operating Officer of Memrise himself, Ben Whately, in order to provide some greater insights into just how Memrise works, the science behind it and what the future holds for the development.

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