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What is Polyglot Beginnings?

Develop The Right Mindset for Learning a New Language

Polyglot Beginnings explores what it takes to start learning a language to ensure long-term success. I've compiled wisdom from over 100 interviews with top language learners and I also share my own personal story of how language learning helped me get out of depression and actually get on a path in life.

The book is suitable for beginners looking to learn their first language, but even if you're an experienced learner, the fundamentals outlined in this book are always worth re-reading.

“This is a decent little book with considerations and resources for people who are interested in speaking multiple languages. It covers motivation, techniques, and the author's personal story.” -Josh, GoodReads

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2. Other things you can do around here…

Find New Methods

Try out something other than dusty textbooks

We live in a wonderful time for language learning. Gone are the days where the only way to learn a language was old and dusty textbooks.Today there is an infinite amount of tools, methods, and resources to help you learn faster than ever before.

Find New Tools

Listen to The Podcast

The Actual Fluency Podcast

Since 2014 I have interviewed language learners to learn more about what it takes to learn multiple languages.This has resulted in over 140 motivational episodes of my podcast. I highly recommend subscribing and listening weekly to stay motivated.

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Read The Blog

The Actual Fluency Blog

The Actual Fluency Blog is where I write down guides, reviews, experiences and anecdotes for your enjoyment. 

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