Russian Learning Resources

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My Russian Learning Mission Posts

Introduction and Why I'm learning Russian (13/02/2014)

How I learnt the Cyrillic Alphabet using Memory Tricks in no time (16/02/2014)

Audio Courses

Michel Thomas Russian: Foundation, Beginner, Advanced

Online Resources – Full of information that is highly relevant for the beginner to intermediate. – very extensive and goes from beginner to advanced Russian.

Podcasts – 162 (and counting) podcasts that are basic conversational. Aimed at novices who have a basic understanding of Russian. – Top quality podcast provider, but does require a free registration to enjoy the basic benefits of their website. They are available on iTunes as well.

Tools and Software

LWT – Learning with Text – This software allows you to input text in Russian and study it word by word. It's a great way to get comfortable on word level, as the software integrates dictionary and Google translate in one.

IWT is self-hosted, so to avoid that bother I suggest using Benny Lewis' where he is running a version of LWT. Note that this works on mobile devices as well. Best of all, it is completely FREE.

Note that to use the software on Benny's website, you are required to register a free account.

Cyrillic Virtual Keyboard – Although not as fast as having a native Cyrillic keyboard, this will solve most of your problems when writing in Cyrillic from a different keyboard.


Beginner Quiz – for practicing beginner concepts such as the Alphabet, basic sentences and other words. Courtesy of