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Conversation Countdown Review

On this page I'm collecting the offers Benny Lewis is currently running, along with unique offers for the AF audience (when available.)

Special Polyglot Offer

Save $222 when you order the Six Language Guides + the Conversation Countdown email course in a bundle

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All products from Benny Lewis

Fluent in 3 Months Premium 2.0

  • Tons of practical content to improve your language learning
  • Tutorials, interviews, guides and much more!
  • Regularly updated
  • Cost is valid for a lifetime – no recurring charges.
  • My Review

Conversation Countdown

  • Learn how to have conversations in your target language in just 7 days!
  • Many techniques included Benny used himself to start speaking FAST
  • You get a 48 hour personal discount when you click the link!

Why German is Easy

  • If you have tried to learn German, but struggle with getting anywhere
  • Deals with common problems Benny encountered himself and collected from his audience
  • Accelerate your German

Why Spanish is Easy

  • Like above, but with Spanish
  • Benny shares his own experiences learning Spanish
  • Fast track over the beginner mistakes in Spanish

Why English is Easy

  • Learn how to quickly speak
  • How to speak English correct – fast!
  • Tips and tricks for making English learning easier

Why French is Easy

  • Like above, but with French
  • Learn how not to get stuck at beginner levels
  • Tips and tricks for making French easier

Why Italian is Easy

  • Like above, but with Italian
  • Get to a useful level in Italian – fast!
  • Jump over the beginner mistake people make

Why Chinese is Easy

  • Like above, but with Chinese
  • Benny shares his own experiences learning Mandarin Chinese
  • Fasttrack over the beginner mistakes and start speaking quickly