Language Mastery Black Friday 2023: New Japanese Program

Language Mastery, run by John Fotheringham has a new Black Friday offer out in 2023, for the brand new Japanese Conversation Accelerator Programme.

Offer Details

Language: Japanese

Level: Beginner

Price / Discount: 50% OFF

Deal Link: Japanese Conversation Accelerator

This brand new programme for Japanese learners, help establish early conversational skills and draws on John's year-long experience learning and teaching the language.

At Black Friday the programme will be available at the lowest price ever, for a limited time only.

About John Fotheringham

language mastery black friday

John Fotheringham is the man behind Language Mastery, which includes one of the longest-running language learning themed podcasts in the world. The Language Mastery show.

On his website, and in his writing he's helping people learn foreign languages, with a particular emphasis on Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin.)

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