ClearTheList May 2017: Big life changes

April is in the books and it's time for my ClearTheList update for May of 2017.

What is ClearTheList?

Clear The List is a public accountability and goal-sharing initiative originally thought up by Lindsay from LindsayDoesLanguages and Shannon Kennedy from EuroLinguiste. Since January they have asked me and a few others to co-host in order to make CTL even bigger.

It gives some exposure to all of us, and it helps us stay accountable to keep learning and achieving our goals. This is very much in the spirit of my premium motivational course: Language Motivation Mastery.

You can also join! Instructions are in the widget at the very bottom of this post.

April Review

Wow. April was tumultous to say the least.

It was another incredibly short month for me as I voluntereed at a kids gaming event for a whole week, and subsequently was sidelined with a case of the flu for 2 weeks after that.

This really affected my mojo, and to tell you the truth I've been sort of playing catch up since then.

Partly because I was disappointed in my own performance, but also because I was standing in front of major life changes.

Ever since I came back from Budapest in the end of last year, I've been living with my mom (I'm 29 by the way.) in an attempt to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go.

For me it's been extremely stressful. For one because I've got no space of my own, living on a few square meters in the living room where I have a bed and a corner of a living room table.

It's also been stressful for my mom, because I was never able to quite please her views on cleaning, organisation and general tidyness, plus she's more or less lost her living room for months.

The winds of change were blowing in April as tensions rose and we came to the conclusion that I had to leave soon, for the benefit of both of us.

This of course made me super nervous and anxious about the future, which reduced my productivity overall and increased the hours I spent covered up in bed.

I don't entirely know why it is like that, because things are almost always changing, so if I keep waiting for my situation to be absolutely perfect then I'll probably never really achieve my goals!

My prospects for the future also seem to be in order. I've decided to move to the UK immediately after the polyglot gathering in Bratislava (May 31-June 05) and I've even applied for a few jobs to make the transition easier.

I've got one lead for a job in Liverpool, but I won't be picky if they decide I'm not a good fit for that.

On the bright side I feel like my flashcard activity has improved greatly lately. I've always enjoyed Memrise but I often struggled with doing it consistently and for an extended period of time. Now I'm working pretty consistently on:

  • Spanish (15 minute goal)
  • Russian verbs (5 minute goal)
  • Hungarian verbs (5 minute goal)
  • Top 100 Chinese Radicals (5 minute goal, courtesy of

For me studying most of my languages regularly really helps. And the Chinese course is just to have something completely random. Last month it was square numbers up to 100×100 (I'm weird.)

I know flashcards won't help me much in terms of speaking, so I REALLY have to start doing tutoring regularly to supplement my learning. I'll be using Baselang to book regular lessons – hopefully as many as 1 per day.

With one daily Spanish lesson with a 1-on-1 tutor I'm sure I'll be speaking quite nicely in a few months time.

I hate to keep doing these “meh” updates, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles these days. Living back in Denmark under these conditions is eating me up on the inside, I yearn for going back abroad, and getting my own place somewhere.




Focus language. Have to do at least something in this every day.


Very casual maintenance


Very casual maintenance

Didn't do much in Hungarian this month. I watched a few YouTube videos,  but otherwise didn't do anything. I recently started a verb course on Memrise to help me solidify the conjugation and most basic verbs.

May Expectations

Due to my current situation I'm extremely hesitant to put any predictions, expectations or goals up for the month of May.

A week has already elapsed, and I'll be spending a week in Budapest, holidaying with my grandmother and also a week in Bratislave for the Polyglot Gathering.

This leaves very little study time, and under the current pressure of complete relocation I can't imagine I will get much other than Memrise done.

I'll definitely try and do some daily tutoring lessons, but they take a lot of energy for me and I just struggle with that a lot lately.

Hopefully by June I can bring you an amazing and productive update – but for now I remain, at least for the moment, underachieving.

How was your month?


  • Angel – French Lover

    Hi Kris 🙂

    So sorry to hear you have been sick in April.

    You’re right about Spanish tutoring. I find that the only thing which really helps my language study is speaking with a native coach.

    I wish you goof luck for your goals in May.

  • Hi Kris, In my opinion, you still had a pretty productive month – look at all the points you earned on Memrise! I’m sorry your living situation isn’t what you’d like and that you were sick. 🙁 Wishing you a May that goes a little more your way, friend!

  • Hi Kris, I hope everything will be okay and you’ll find a job in the UK. You said that you don’t want to share those “meh” updates, but I think it is good when sometimes people share them. I find them interesting because I can relate to them. Just know that you’re not the only one. I hope you’ll get the most out of this month.

  • nice… keep up the good work…