ClearTheList July 2017: Just Regular Routine

Greetings from my new home in Manchester, England! The last update was definitely chaotic, so I'm very  happy to report that the last month was nearly as stresful.

What is ClearTheList?

Clear The List is a public accountability and goal-sharing initiative originally thought up by Lindsay from LindsayDoesLanguages and Shannon Kennedy from EuroLinguiste. Since January they have asked me and a few others to co-host in order to make CTL even bigger.

It gives some exposure to all of us, and it helps us stay accountable to keep learning and achieving our goals. This is very much in the spirit of my premium motivational course: Language Motivation Mastery.

You can also join! Instructions are in the widget at the very bottom of this post.

June Review

Completely Doubting my Priorities

June was a funky month. As I talked about in my last CTL update I moved to the UK and found a place to live in a bit of a chaotic situation. Most of that chaos quickly passed as I settled down in my room, but I struggle a lot to get a bank account – which is something that is just needed to get all the other necessities taken care of.

Luckily it all worked out last week, and I also received my national insurance number in the post so I've now taken care of most of the administrative work required to live here.

I also got used to the routine quickly, even though it was pretty early for me to get up at 5:45-6:15 to be at work ready to start work at 7:30.

Next week on I'll be starting at 8am, so I can sleep a little bit longer.

As I settled into my routine I started to doubt what I was doing with Spanish. There was a new 4-hour special with Putin, who, ignoring political views, is an amazingly eloquent speaker and I was really enjoying listening to it.

Then I met some Russian speakers at work also, and suddenly I was totally hyped about Russian again.

This messed a bit with my brain, because I should really be learning Spanish right now. There are loads of Spanish colleagues at my job also, so it's not like it won't be useful.

However, I keep having the dialogue with myself and it actually negatively impacted my progress. I'd been doing really well with the Lingvist app for both Spanish and Russian – but it wasn't long until I did only Russian and even sometimes nothing at all, because I felt guilty for not doing what I said I was going to do.

Yesterday I had a live chat with Shannon Kennedy from EuroLinguiste, where we talked about motivation and the importance of time management. This really hit home for me because I feel like I have focused a lot on Motivation itself, but spent very little energy on time management.

Luckily for me Shannon just released her huge course on time management, so I'll be going over it over the next couple of days to improve the quality of my routine.

You can see the course here:

What I did



New language. Have to do at least something in this every day.

  • Lingvist App Spanish Deck // Did this for the majority of the month. Averaged around 50 cards per day.


Maintenance / Improvement

  • Lingvist App Russian Deck – I have made it to 763 words. My goal for 2017 is to finish the 5000 words in the app.
  • YouTube
  • Showtime Special with Oliver Stone (4 hours of Putin Interviews which I'm having transcribed.)


Very casual maintenance

Didn't do much in Hungarian this month. I watched a few YouTube videos,  but otherwise didn't do anything. When I listened to it a bit during the week I was really excited about it, but I know I have to focus on other things right now before coming back.

Trying to chase 2 rabbits will get you neither. Focus is really crucial to long-term succes.

July Expectations

Here's what I want to achieve in July

  1. Decide ultimately what my focus language is and write down my goals for each language.
  2. Keep my Lingvist app pace up
  3. Take at least 1 tutoring/skype chat session a week per language. Will use for Spanish.
  4. Manage my time and routine better with Shannon's new Language Learning Accelerator programme.

How was your month?

  • dandiprat

    It’s hard to deal with more than one language at once. I somehow managed to do did it in high school and college, but my progress wasn’t too fast. It’s kind of hard to sustain more than a few months now. I have just one focus language now (Vietnamese) for study although I occasionally work on Cantonese and I use Cantonese and Mandarin a lot in daily life.