ClearTheList June 2017: Chaos Ensues

May rolled by fast and it's time for my ClearTheList update for June of 2017.

What is ClearTheList?

Clear The List is a public accountability and goal-sharing initiative originally thought up by Lindsay from LindsayDoesLanguages and Shannon Kennedy from EuroLinguiste. Since January they have asked me and a few others to co-host in order to make CTL even bigger.

It gives some exposure to all of us, and it helps us stay accountable to keep learning and achieving our goals. This is very much in the spirit of my premium motivational course: Language Motivation Mastery.

You can also join! Instructions are in the widget at the very bottom of this post.

May Review

May was yet another extremely weird month. After some friction at home I increased my job search in the UK, and was able to secure a couple of interviews relatively easily.

After weighing my options I accepted a position in Manchester in a customer support environment. The position itself is not really that important in it of itself, but it is my ticket to freedom – in a sense.

I've always enjoyed the UK and I really think I was always destined to live there. With Brexit and now the internal struggle at home I knew I had to make my dream a reality and move on.

This also meant that a lot of my focus was spent on the application process, interviews, and ultimately preparing both mentally and practically for the move.

Then came also a holiday with my grandmother in Budapest, showing her around what was home for 18 months last year.

Then came the Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava, which was an absolutely awesome event that I hope to write up a long trip-report by, hopefully including some of the pictures I took there.

In conclusion it was yet another unsettled month full of activities and travel, so my language learning did suffer a bit – especially at the latter end of the month.

However, with that in mind I still think I did extremely well. Especially my Memrise studying has been very consistent

Update: Moving to Manchester

I finished the rest of this (very) belated CTL update before I actually made the move, so the paragraph here is written after the fact.

On June 9 at 5am I woke up, and less than 30 minutes later I was on my way to the airport. My flight was at 8:30, so it was necessary to be up this early.

Unfortunately for me, my middle ear seemed to have been hit by an infection or something else, as I suffered a few dizzy spells this morning, almost losing my balance in the airport.

A few decongestants and days later it seems to have cleared up.

Anyway, after paying the luggage overweight fee I was now on my way.

The day was extremely hectic as I had to find a room ASAP. If I failed to find a place to live I would have to check into a hotel or airbnb until I did.

However with the job starting just 2 days later it really was important to find a place asap.

Luckily I found the sweetest people renting out a room a brisk 20-minute walk from the center. It's a basic room, and we're a few people sharing the house, but it's a really nice and welcoming environment with two nice dogs also.

I plan to stay here for the foreseeable future to get my savings started properly and get to know the city better. Maybe in 6 months or a year from now, should I still want to live in this part of the country I will look into possibly renting my own little place.

Or I might stay, who knows? The rental market in the UK is quite tough, especially in the bigger cities.

Now I just need to open a bank account and get my national insurance number and I'll be sorted, more or less. Unfortunately, the opening of a bank account is a bit of a bother before I can prove my address but I'll sort it out.

Work starts tomorrow, and I will strive to get back on the language learning train. It's been a chaotic week but hopefully it will all change for the better soon.


Focus language. Have to do at least something in this every day.


Very casual maintenance

  • Memrise – Currently doing a 500 verbs course
  • RussianPod101 // Didn't listen to any lessons this month
  • RussianPod101 YouTube channel  // Watched quite a few videos from the Inessa S. Channel. A channel that subtitles political videos from Russia.


Very casual maintenance

Didn't do much in Hungarian this month. I watched a few YouTube videos,  but otherwise didn't do anything. I have a few Memrise courses that I occasionally work on but it's not a priority at the moment.

June Expectations


I have high hopes for July, but at the same time I have to also remain conservative in my language learning, as I know it will take me some time to get used to my new job and routine.

This is why this is my last Clear The List post where I won't give any direct goals or action targets for my upcoming month.

This is partly because I don't know my schedule yet, and partly because I simply need to get into the groove of things.

As I'm done with June and look ahead to July I'm confident that I'm ready to get back on track and devise a proper language learning plan. Without it, it's really hard to get anything constructive done.

Thank you for reading my updates and see you in the next one!

How was your month?

  • Dorothée

    Good settlement in Manchester 🙂
    I visited the city with friends a few years ago, I think at this time of the year you will enjoy taking a walk near the canals. The museum of science and industry is also amazing: the engines and machines from the industrial period are still working and they make demonstrations (plus it was free entry, I guess/hope this is still so).

  • Glad you’re feeling better and so happy for your for your move! All the best to you with this month. Could you link the Memrise Russian course you’re using? 😉

  • Israel Lai

    Just saw this from Kerstin’s link! I’ve been (kind of) reading similar posts from Lindsay for a while, but I never realised there’s this community thing behind it. I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing, but in the middle of the month, due to the nature of my current project. Guess I should join the gang some time soon!