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The weekly retrospect: November 10-16

Wow. The time flies. That's all I can say going into this week's review. It feels like yesterday that I was writing last week's update on what I had been doing in that week. I still aim to produce these weekly reports going forward, as they give a look into my daily routines as well as giving me additional motivation to perform better during the week. The fact that I have you guys to report to, is huge!

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Chris’ Russian Tutoring Sessions Episode 4

It's Sunday and that means a new episode of Chris' Russian Tutoring Sessions. Thank you for following my progress, and every comment that you guys have posted on the videos or the posts associated with them really inspire me to work harder.

This is the last part of one of the first tutoring sessions I took on iTalki, which means this is a starting point. When I went back to listen to this, I was astounded at just how bad my Russian was. After all I had been studying it for months! Continue reading

Russian Tutoring Sessions: Listen to My Lessons

Hey guys,

I recently announced I was going to add more content to the YouTube Channel. It is now up to 120+ subscribers, which I'm really thankful for.

Today I'm happy to announce the second episode of my Russian Tutoring lessons. These videos basically allow you to be a fly on the wall during my one-to-one Russian Tutoring lessons, while subtitles provide you with what is actually going on.

This new series will début every Sunday, and hopefully there will be a great amount of progress in my, so far, feeble Russian. Continue reading