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5 Language Learning Lessons from Moses McCormick

Moses McCormick is a great language learner and polyglot, in this post I share 5 lessons we can all learn from him.

One of the first great inspirational people I found when I was searching for language learning about 2 years ago was Moses McCormick, who uploaded these hour (sometimes several) long videos that showed him walking around various locations just striking up conversation with people in foreign languages. Continue reading

A quick tip to improve your Russian declensions and a summer update

Today's post won't be as lenghty as usual, because I am literally swamped with exam preparations. To add to this pressure I will also be going to the PolyGlotBerlin Gathering next week, where I'll be giving a talk – so the pressure is definitely on. This means that my Russian studies and by extension this blog will be running at slightly slower pace during the month or so. I will still strive to post at least one post a week and the weekly podcast, as I have done every week now so far. Continue reading

Video game case-study: Trying to learn languages like I did as a child

Back when I was first introduced to the concept of video games in the very young age of maybe 5 or 6 my passion for the English language began. It was an interesting time, because I would load up a video game and enjoy playing it without understanding a single word. With enough exposure to the English language I slowly worked out what commonly seen words meant.

I would also watch a lot of shows in English, some of my favourites being: Knight Rider, Simpsons, Friends, Married with Children and many more of the typical 80s-90s shows. This coupled with the video games and having to communicate in English a lot (to discuss tactics in a game for instance) meant that I was basically fluent at a very young age with no formal teaching. Continue reading

Learning Multiple Languages At Once: Great Idea or Waste of Time?

I was recently approached by a fellow language learner who asked me if I could write a blog post about learning multiple languages at once, or just focusing on a single language before moving on to the next one.

Instead of me just sharing my views, I thought it would be fun to ask the question to the community and then write this blog post as a round-up type post. Continue reading