How To Become A Polyglot With These Simple Do’s and Don’ts

Becoming a polyglot takes hard work, dedication and a whole lot of immersion. In this article, we share some do's and don'ts of how to become to polyglot to fast track your way to this much-desired title.

To become a polyglot, you'll need to immerse yourself in a language, whether it be through radio, music or tv and film. Choosing languages from similar families and creating a learning schedule will make your journey a lot easier too.

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Why Should You Learn Another Language?

In a world of google translate, subtitles and translation apps, you may be asking yourself if you actually need to learn a second, third or maybe even fourth language?

Does learning another language still hold the benefit it once did? 

Well, as keen linguaphiles, we’re here to tell you why learning a language is still one of the best things you can do with your time.

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How YouTuber Xiaomanyc Learns Languages

For the last few months, as part of my long-standing YouTube addiction, I've been following the channel “Xiaomnyc” where a white, jewish guy shocks Chinese native speakers by speaking perfect Mandarin

In this post I thought it could be fun to summarise his learning methodology, and share some of the resources that he's been using in his recent Spanish challenge where he attempts to learn Spanish in 30 days.

In just a few days he's already having basic conversations.

So how does he do it? Let's find out.

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Benny’s Bootcamp: 3 Month Guided Language Mission

Benny's Bootcamp is a new 3 month rapid language learning LIVE video course with Benny Lewis, the world’s #1 language blogger.

It's a 3 month masterclass, where you will learn how to master language hacking and speak your target language faster than you ever thought was possible. The course is a combination of modules and live classes.

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