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No Actual Fluency Podcast this week

For 26 straight weeks I have published a podcast every friday at 8 PM CEST, with interviews of prolific language learners and polyglots. It was my utmost priority with the website, to always have this episode go out.

This week, I'm going to break that trend. Due to illness of two seperate people, and the difficulty with booking guests – polyglots are always busy and off travelling the world it seems, I simply couldn't do an episode that was of high enough quality to present to you guys. Continue reading

June give away winners drawn – congratulations!

June has ended and it is time to announce the winners of the june give away, let me remind you that all you had to do was to either post a comment on the original thread, submit a tweet or write an iTunes review. Doing either, or all of these, yielded tickets that improved your chances of winning. I want to thank everyone for contributing and interacting throughout the month of June and hopefully you will continue with it going forward, it is always nice to discuss and talk about everything. Continue reading