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Actual Fluency Update: 31st of August 2015

Hey everyone!

As you have probably noticed, the site has been down for a few days. I've spent this time revamping the site and what you see now is hopefully a more user-friendly version of what was before. I'm still working on improving the site and the reading experience. This involves fixing some old pages, cleaning up and improving where needed.

I hope you enjoy this new design.

Plans for the future for Actual Fluency

I've been slacking off lately and it's simply unacceptable. I have a few new initiatives that I will begin with soon, in order to bring more content and value for you.

  1. Change of the Podcast format: The Podcast is the cornerstone of the Actual Fluency brand and it's going nowhere. What I have decided to do though is to start recording the interviews over Google Hangouts. This gives video content to enjoy via YouTube, while still having the audio work for the podcast. The interviews were always really casual and friendly so I'm sure Google Hangouts is a perfect software to do this.
  2. More activity. I know I promised this before but this time it's for real. Apart from one podcast episode per week I will also aspire to bring you one text piece and one video piece every week, detailing my journey in Hungary or any other themes that might be on my mind.
  3. More content about relocating, travelling and working from home: I realised lately people don't just want to hear about language learning, they also want to hear about the challenges of moving abroad, travel tips and tricks and much more that I have in-depth experience with. Hopefully I'll also get to share my experience of moving to Budapest in greater depth.

I'm really looking forward to providing all this great new content and I hope that you'll enjoy the journey with me. Remember if you have any feedback, criticism or comments you're more than welcome to email me via the contact form.

Thank you for the support throughout the last year and a half and see you again very soon.