Olly Richards Black Friday 2023: $200 OFF Uncovered Courses!

Olly Richards' Black Friday offer is back!

Check out the post for details on how you can save up to 67% on his popular, Uncovered courses based on the StoryLearning methodology.

Updated for Black Friday 2023!

Largely, the deal is the same with 67% (or $200 OFF) any Uncovered course.

New this year, Olly has added new languages to the offer (Chinese, Turkish, Russian, and Latin) as well as new bundles, which gets you access to all 4 courses for each language at the Black Friday offer price.

Previously you'd have to be a student first, and then pay full price for the 2 “hidden” levels.

You can pick from the following languages and levels:

Beginner Level

Bundles (all 4 levels)


Spanish (New)

Italian (New)

French (New)

German (New)

Japanese (New)

What is Uncovered?

Although this isn't a full Uncovered Review I figured I'd quickly summarise what the courses are and how they work.

olly richards black friday
Here's an example from SPANISH UNCOVERED with how much content is available for each of the 20 modules. Note that you'll likely be repeating each module a few times for practice.

From nothing to something

The Uncovered courses are made for beginners that want to get all the way to lower-middle intermediate levels.

With a recommended study time of 150 hours, there is a lot to accomplish in the courses.

Learn through the power of story!

Uncovered features an epic story that you'll slowly understand more and more of.

As you consistently listen to the story you start to understand the grammar and pronunciation intuitively.

No need for excessively memorising grammar tables!


The course is self-study, and you get lifetime access. No rush.

Teacher Content

Each module comes with a new chapter of the story, as well as instructional videos and audios from the teacher.

These help you solidify what you have learnt and offer more virtual immersion to fine-tune your ears.

Risk-free: Full 30-day guarantee

A quick note about the courses is that Olly offers a full 30-day refund with no questions asked.

Try out the courses, and if they are too easy, too hard, or there's something else you don't like just contact support and you'll get a full refund.

Conclusion: The best deal of the year!

To me, these are the best beginner language courses out there, and this is an extremely generous Black Friday promotion.

In fact, it's so good that I've awarded it with my Best-in-Year award from me, 4 years in a row.

I can't recommend these courses enough.

And with a price of just $97 how can you go wrong?

Click here to get Uncovered with the 2023 Black Friday discount

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