Mosalingua Black Friday Offer 2023 (Now Available!)

Black Friday 2023 deals for language learners are here, and MosaLingua is going to be part of this year's set of deals as well.

This year they've kicked it up a notch and added Korean and a new AI Tutor to the number of bonuses included in the deal!

The Mosalingua Black Friday Bundle 2023

Deal: Huge Bundle Offer (97%+ OFF!)

Lifetime deal for their language learning app, bundled in with tons of bonuses including courses (MosaSeries, MosaSpeak, MosaTraining), learning with YouTube and Netflix videos,  AI-powered tutor to speak 24/7, and much more.

You get access to apps and courses to learn 10 language with one purchase: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese Japanese and KoreanĀ + their next languages (Arabic in Q1 2024).

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Here's what you get…

  • Mosalingua Web (A complete language learning platform for learning up to 6 different languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian)
  • MosaTraining (A step-by-step training program to find out “How to Learn Any Language”)
  • MosaSeries (A new method for improving your listening comprehension, vocab and grammar with a thrilling story: “The Man with No Name” (available to learn Italian, Spanish, German and French)
  • MosaSpeak (a new method for helping learners to express themselves more fluently and confidently.)

What is Mosalingua?

MosaLingua is actually an umbrella name for a series of apps and online courses. Some are general language courses, while others focus on a specific skill to improve upon. 

The auxiliary courses offered by MosaLingua are MosaSeries for listening comprehension, MosaSpeak for conversational skills, and MosaTraining, which teaches you how to learn a language. However, its main, and most popular course is MosaLingua Premium.