Black Friday Language Learning Offers 2015

With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and with Black Friday comes great deals and sales on many digital products, services and tools for learning languages.

Although Thanksgiving is a very American concept, the whole world seems to have embraced the Black Friday concept.

As a learner on a budget, this is great news!

Here on the page I'm compiling all the Black Friday Offers available to language learners and aspiring polyglots out there. Let me know if your product or service is missing and I'll add it right away.

2015 Black Friday Offers

[x_accordion] [x_accordion_item title=”Fluent in 3 Months Premium with Benny Lewis 51% OFF!”]Benny Lewis is one of my biggest idols in language learning and for this weekend only he's reduced his newly updated premium membership to over half price! Click here to get your lifetime account at 51% OFF! You can also pick up all his latest products valued at almost $400 for just $57! Go see the details here [/x_accordion_item] [x_accordion_item title=”Extensive German pronunciation course 40% OFF!”]Kerstin Cable's course teaches you how to speak German like a native through a wide range of lessons. Go pick it up here: SPEAK GERMAN LIKE A NATIVE – use coupon “BLACKFRIDAY” at checkout to apply the 40% discount.[/x_accordion_item] [x_accordion_item title=”Pod101/Class101 in 31 languages 41% OFF!”]Innovative Languages is running a massive sale on their Pod101 / Class101 series. All you have to do is Pick your language here and then use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY_VIP  which gives 41% off any new subscriptions. [/x_accordion_item] [x_accordion_item title=”Glossika Audio Spaced Repetition System 30% OFF!”]Glossika is a spaced repetition method based on audio, so you improve pronunciation, vocabulary and understanding in one easy-to-follow system 30% sitewide discount with the coupon code: AFNOV2015  [/x_accordion_item] [x_accordion_item title=”Master English Phrasal Verbs Through Story 50% OFF!”] Are you learning English? Well you're in luck, because Lindsay Dow of LindsayDoesLanguages has recently published her extensive course on how to master those tricky Phrasal Verbs. Click here to join the course at 50% OFF [/x_accordion_item] [x_accordion_item title=”Language Learning Foundations with Olly Richards 50% OFF!”] Olly is the man behind and he's designed this course to include all the experience and wisdom he's obtained learning a ton of languages on his own. Highly recommended for aspiring polyglots early in their journey. Click here to register for the course at 50% OFF [/x_accordion_item] [x_accordion_item title=”Add 1 Challenge 50% OFF!”]The Add 1 Challenge is designed to boost your motivation and accountability so you can have a 15 minute natural conversation in your target language after just 90 days. Click here to apply for this 11th edition at 50% OFF! (I've never seen Brian discount it before!) [/x_accordion_item] [x_accordion_item title=”FREE: How to Learn French in a Year kindle book from Benjamin Houy”]Pick up the kindle edition for free here: How to Learn French in a Year: A Proven Formula to Learn French Fast, Sound Like a Native and Have Fun in the Process [/x_accordion_item]




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  • Hi Kris! My book will be free from Friday to Monday. It would be awesome if you could add it to your list 🙂

  • niko d.

    Every language blogger now seems to have something to sell. If not, s/he makes cross promotion of other language blogger’s products. Being a language learner and lover this makes me upset. Do you really believe that I (and others) believe sentences like “Blablabla is a good product jam-packed with useful resources”?? Nope. Thanks God there a still free resources on the web and elsewhere!

    • Hi Niko,

      First of all I totally understand where you’re coming from. Particularly around Black Friday and Cyber Monday it can seem as though everything is about marketing, products, sales and buying stuff in general.

      I’d love to offer a few counter arguments though. First of all, there is absolutely no problem using only free resources to learn languages, as you indicate there are enough of them out there.

      However, premium products are just better usually. Take the Pod101 series for example. You might be able to find free podcasts in various languages online, but none of them are as organised and offer so much as the Pod101 series. For this I gladly pay $25 a month to access.

      Now, when Pod101 decides to go crazy and offer this at 50-75% off, would I not be doing my audience a disservice if I didn’t bring attention to this offer?

      Same with the other products you see above. I’m not saying they are the end-all be-all of language learning or you will automatically and instantly become fluent – but what I do say is that I vouch for the quality of these products, having checked them out in depth and in many cases used them extensively myself.

      The cross promotion does happen extensively, and I wish there was some way we could coordinate as bloggers to try and give a more balanced reading experience for the people reading multiple blogs, but I can’t think of a way to do this.

      At the end of the day, if you’re not interested in spending money on accelerating your learning that’s totally up to you – but I can assure you there are a lot of people out there who really love these products and services mentioned above.

      If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to reply, I’d be happy to explain my position to you.